General Questions

We have just launched, so these are questions we think you might ask. If you still have questions, send us an email to or Tweet us @hellocrowd.

Each deal has its own scheduled time as dictated by each HelloCrowd vendor. Time left is noted on each individual item on HelloCrowd.

Doh! That means something is wrong with our system, or check your spam folder. Please inform us at as we are still working out the kinks.

Each buy has a different stipulations. Some merchants allow the purchase of more than one, while others do not.

You will be able to track shipping under “My Accounts” and you will also receive that information via email.

Each buy has their own stipulations. Some items begin to ship within 24 hours, for other products there might be production time as noted by vendores.

No. The price is the same price as quoted, no matter what variations are selected. If there are other possible variations, at different price points, the vendor would need to create a separate group buy. 

We are building out this functionality and it will be ready within a couple of weeks. Please send an email to, and we can assist. Or click in the bottom right corner on the orange chat icon and reach out directly.

Yes! Once you’ve selected the item, that is indeed the product you will receive.

No you cannot cancel a deal. Once the purchase has been made, you are legally bound to purchase the item.

No, the only additional fee will be shipping charge which varies based on your location and origin of the product.

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