Mercedes G-Wagen “Apocalypse Edition”

Mercedes G-Wagen “Apocalypse Edition”


HelloCrowd has partnered with MO Aoun Design present to you the G-Wagen “Apocalypse Edition”. When I first saw the rendering last year, I was hoping for the real thing. When I reached out, I discovered that it was only a rendering, and no plans to produce.

In the first run, we are focusing on the most unique pieces of this package. (More details below)

We’ll start collecting deposits in a few weeks. Join the waitlist to stay up to date.


Founder, HelloCrowd


We have selected some of the parts, that make this SUV unique along within one single performance part.

  • Heavy Duty Front Brush Guard  & Rear Bumper
    • Additional details to come
    • Made in the US
  • Dual-Rate  Springs
    • Softer than factory spec for cruising, but when cornering a secondary spring rates kicks in and it becomes firmer that factory spec.
    • Many people feel that the ride on the G-Wagen, is perfect. Some feel that it’ is too rough, and have looked for options. These Dual-Rate springs will allow you to turn more aggressively, but have a smoother ride while driving in a straight line.
    • Created in partnership with a Formula One spring producer.
    • Made in the US
  • Carbon Fiber Fenders
    • Package Will Includes Front and Rear Fender Flares
    • Installation Hardware Included
    • 100% Dry Carbon Fiber (more details to come)
    • Bolt-On Installation
    • Made in the US

Note: This is a rendering, and we hope to stay as close to this as possible. The renderings were based on a lifted G500/G550/G65/G65. The later model G-Wagens have air intakes in the bumper, so we are looking at some options to provide the same look without restricting airflow.



  1. Pascal Dierickx

    I would like to buy this kit, where can I buy it?

    • rashidi4

      Hello Pascal,

      We are still collecting names on the waitlist. Which parts were you interested in? These have not been manufactured yet.


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